The Placebo Effect

Paul takes Joshua’s cock almost to the back of his throat before he chokes. “I’m sorry.”

Joshua cards a hand through Paul’s silky hair. “That’s all right. I told you you didn’t have to do this.”

Paul wraps his lips around the head of Joshua’s cock.

“But it is hot as fuck watching you do that.”

Paul grins up at him as he tongues the ridge under the crown.

“Okay, stop or I’m going to fucking lose it,” Joshua says, pulling his cock away from Paul’s lips.

Paul sits back on his heels and wipes his mouth. His own cock stands hard and proud from between his thighs. He fists it slowly, watching Joshua with lust-dilated eyes.

“The things you do to me . . .” Joshua yanks Paul to his feet and spins him around.

Joshua’s hands slip, scrabble, and find purchase on Paul’s hip. He can feel the buckle there, a bit of metal and leather. The feeling takes him farther out of his head. Distracted, he slides his hand lower. Paul’s cock is warm from the heat of his palm. It stays firm, responsive to his attention.

Joshua’s own cock is buried to the hilt in Paul’s firm ass. Every thrust sends Paul skittering half-inches over the wooden table. His fingertips fight desperately with the polished surface to find hold.

When he finishes, Joshua pulls himself out of Paul’s body. Both their cocks are hard, as plastic is wont to be, but both men are satisfied.

Joshua presses a kiss to Paul’s temple. Their height difference only serves to intensify their sexual union. “I wish this could be real,” he whispers.

“It’s real enough,” Paul replies, lacing their fingers together.


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