“I think pride is the worst sin,” Ashley said, flipping her platinum hair over one shoulder.

“No.” Becky shook her head. “Pride isn’t the worst. Envy is. People who are envious can’t accept what they have. They’re always coveting what someone else has. That’s in the Bible. Thou shalt not covet.”

“Envy? Over pride? No way. I would know. After all, my great-grandfather was a priest at the Vatican. I mean seriously. I completely have the connection to the Ten Commandments. It’s the Ten Commandments anyway – not the Bible. That’s what my mother taught me. Great-grandfather believed envy was the worst sin. What do you think, Rachel?”

“I don’t have time for your stupid discussion. I’m failing algebra. Again!” The furious redhead slammed into a freshman. “Get out of my way, twerp!”

Ashley and Becky watched Rachel storm down the hallway, mowing over the students in her path.

“What’s wrong with her?” a new voice asked.

The pair turned to Annie, a cute blond cheerleader, who always had a different football player hanging off her arm.

“She’s failing algebra now. Last week it was English.” Ashley scoffed. “I told her I could help her. I guess she just doesn’t want to pass. Everyone knows I’m going to beat Clarissa out this year for the top GPA.”

“Oh,” said Annie. She was paying more attention to her drooling beau du jour than to the other girls. Her football player said nothing as she tugged him down the hallway and into the girls’ bathroom.

Ashley made a gagging noise.

“I think he’s cute. He’s cuter than any guy I ever dated.” Becky sighed.


The pair entered the cafeteria and were immediately accosted by Sybil, the kind, yet socially inferior math club president. She may have been more apt to make friends had it not been for her –

“Corn dogs? Pizza? A cheeseburger? French fries and a soda?”

– eating disorder.

“It’s diet Coke,” Sybil said. “Where are you chicas sitting?”

“Just because everyone wants to sit with me doesn’t mean everyone can. Come on, Becky.”

Becky smiled apologetically at Sybil, but pushed past her nonetheless. As they sat down, Ashley quickly propped her biology book up on the table in front of them, attempting to hide herself. “Oh em gee. There’s Tara.”

The girl in question, dressed in sweats with her hair in a haphazard ponytail didn’t seem to notice Ashley’s attempt to hide. She crossed the room quickly on her long legs and planted herself in front of Ashley and Becky.

“I just woke up. This is the third time this week. I missed my bio test and Mr. Crawford said he’s going to fail me if I don’t get my report on Kenya turned in this week. He only gave me three weeks to do it! I haven’t even started!” With a large groan, she buried her face in her folded arms.

Ashley held her hands up defensively. “Seriously. Am I just a magnet for freaks, or what? I mean I know they want to be me, but come on.”

“She has really cute shoes though. I wish I had a pair,” Becky said

A snore came from the face on the table.

“Is she sleeping?” Ashley asked, incredulous.

Becky poked Tara’s arm. Her eyes grew wide as she glanced back at Ashley. “Yeah. She’s asleep.”

“Does she ever wake up for more than 10 minutes? She is so lucky I let her sit with us. Anyone else would have made her leave.”

“Now, now, Ashley, let’s not be judgmental.”

Ashley looked up to find her nemesis. “Clarissa.”

“That’s my name.” She took a seat, uninvited. “Oh, is that for me?” She asked, reaching for Ashley’s soda. She cracked it open and took a long sip.

“You are so obnoxious. You’re just jealous of me.”

“Hah. hah. Who has the highest grades in our class? Oh, that’s right, me.” She slid the soda back to Ashley. “I’m done now. We’ve got cases of that stuff at home. I just needed a quick drink.”






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