Film Review: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I loved it. I didn't love it enough to see it twice (or pay for it twice), but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


From the ashes 

I've finally come back to myself in a manner of speaking. I feel better than I have in months, and it's definitely had a positive impact on my writing. It is, as I told a dear friend of mine, like I'm "finally back in the driver's seat." For years, I've always tried new "techniques" for… Continue reading From the ashes 

Battling perfectionism

I get so caught up, so so caught up in things being "right" and "correct" and "like this," that I just end up doing nothing. Really, it's my perfectionism that gets in the way of so many good things. On ZenHabits, Leo wrote about how the best way to start a habit is by doing… Continue reading Battling perfectionism

Overcoming the fear

One of my "goals" for this year (since I don't make resolutions) has been to take more risks. I feel like I've done a pretty fair job, especially considering some of the things I've been faced with. The problem I'm still facing is that I have "something to do" such as update this blog. I… Continue reading Overcoming the fear

I’m a star!

Well, a guest star, at least. Lynley Wayne was kind enough to host me over at her blog. Check it out!

My creative process

I'm doing The Snowflake Challenge on Dreamwidth, and the challenge for day three was "In your own space, talk about your creative process - from what inspires you to what motivates you to how you manage to break through blocks. Does your process change depending on the type of creating you're doing? Leave a comment… Continue reading My creative process

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, whether you celebrate or not. And if you need something sweet and romantic to keep you company today, Christmas Vacation is just the ticket!