Happy New Year! 


A dear friend and I have agreed to write at least 400 words a day for 2016. That amounts to just over 150,000 words. (Actually, she is planning to write about 700, but I feel that if my goal is a “measley” 400, I’ll have a better chance of meeting my goal. 

I’ve already reached 400 words in my fanfic, Black Tie Affair for the day. At this pace, I should finish it in about 3 months, though I’m shooting for much earlier. 

I must say I’m pleased to start 2016 on such a positive note. I’m a morning person, so I always prefer to get things done early. I feel like that gives me a better possibility of success. 


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! ”

      1. Well, I’ve been writing fanfiction for about 15 years (it’s my first love) and I was so drawn to the characters in the show that I had to write about them. Short answer: the characters.

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      2. Okay I know exactly what you mean. I have never written fan fiction but I am in love with the characters from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive. I have not been writing anyway near as long as you. Of all the work that you have done, what is your favorite?


      3. I know Brandon Sanderson from his podcast “Writing Excuses,” but I haven’t read any of his work. My favourite of mine, barring short pieces, is a 300k monster fanfic I wrote with two friends. It’s basically a domestic romance. ^_^ How long have you been writing?

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      4. I love writing excuses! That is huge I have seriously been writing for a bit more than a year now. I have been off and on with for about the last five but most of that stuff is crap lol. Also Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author so if you ever find yourself looking for something to read, I would recommend pretty much any of his books.


      5. The fact that he writes epic fantasy is pretty intimidating. lol I don’t read much in the way of fantasy–I prefer horror (of the fantastic genres). Well practice certainly makes perfect! If you’ve not read them, I highly recommend Stephen King’s “On Writing” and Anne Lamott’s “Bird By Bird.”

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      6. I have read Stephen King’s “On Writing” but not Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird” so I will definitely look into it. If you don’t mind me asking who are some of your favorite horror writers?


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