Battling perfectionism

I get so caught up, so so caught up in things being “right” and “correct” and “like this,” that I just end up doing nothing. Really, it’s my perfectionism that gets in the way of so many good things.

On ZenHabits, Leo wrote about how the best way to start a habit is by doing it, even if you fail. He said that Henry Ford perfected the first Model-T by just “shipping now.” I’ve always been so against that concept, especially because I send out some of my fanfiction that is so not done, so not ready, and like I knew it would, it bombs. But I don’t think the important part is that I sent out a perfect product the first time; I think the important part is that I send out a product. It’s not that I’m trying to send out some sub-par garbage just to make a buck. It’s that I’m trying to learn something about the process, about the writing, and about myself. I’m trying to improve. I think that if you send it out there with the right intention, then you’ll get the right response.

Last week, I went home to Iowa. I was there for eight glorious days. It was the best trip home I’ve ever had, and it truly felt like a vacation. I read three books while I was there: Lamb by Christopher Moore; Happy, Happy, Happy, by Phil Robertson; and Good Call by Jase Robertson. Oddly enough, all three books were heavy on Christian themes, and they helped me to affirm my belief in Buddhism. (Weird, that, I know.)

Being home helped me slow down and unplug.

I’m reconnecting with myself in a way I don’t know if I’ve ever felt.

I do what feels good and listen to my body.

I’m breathing more and watching the sky. Today, I saw vultures. Yesterday, I saw ducks.


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