Film Review: The Good Doctor

This film, although not my favourite Orlando film, (Haven has that honour), was by far one of his best, if not the best performance. I keep saying that, but I feel like it’s true because he keeps getting better as an actor. In this film, he starred opposite Riley Keough, (Diane) the oldest grandchild of Elvis Presley. (Interesting.)

Orlando plays Martin Blake, a young doctor who falls in love with one of his patients, and then starts to make her sick to keep her in the hospital. So obsessed is he that he accidentally kills her.

What surprised me the most is how much plot remains after Diane’s death. I figured it would all wrap up fairly quickly after that, but I was pleasantly surprised. What also surprised me was how well Orlando played the part of Martin. He didn’t even scrunch his eyebrows up when Martin cried about Diane.

The superficial things that really bothered me, however, were Orlando’s hair (which was STRAIGHT) and the weird fake scar the put over his right eyebrow. I still can’t figure that one out because it was prominent, obviously fake, and contributed nothing to the character. But I loved the development of both Martin and the plot.

It was just so nice to see Orlando in such a different role than anything else he’s ever done. Martin is definitely unhinged, bordering on psychotic. I may pair him with Frank once Maniac comes out. I also saw some potential for some unrequited RPF Orlando/Riley wherein the latter thinks it “appropriate” for them to have an affair, and Orlando has to explain that his loyalties are first and foremost to his family. (Note that I have NO knowledge of anything about Riley. I’m just rolling with the fiction in my mind.)


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