Film Review: The Three Musketeers

I had really high hopes for this film. I really did. But, I’ve gotta say that I am SO glad I didn’t waste $13 seeing it in 3D.

The story itself was very interesting and engaging. I loved young D’Artagnan waltzing into Paris and taking up with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. (I could also sense a wee bit of slash betwixt D’Artangnan and Athos. *grin*) The battle scenes were EXCELLENT. They were very realistic, and I loved that there were moments that had me gasping and gripping the arm of the couch.

Orlando, as well, was surprisingly good. (Let’s face it. He’s the reason I watched this film.) I LOVED him in this part. Again, it wasn’t his best performance, but I don’t think he had enough screen time for it to be Oscar-winning. I really hate that they billed him as the “villain,” when in actuality he was mostly a pawn in someone else’s game. But as far as an actor playing a character, he was brilliant. With this performance I am really beginning to see shreds of that Johnny Depp-like chameleon approach to his characters. He changed his accent (something I noticed in both The Calcium Kid, and Ned Kelly (Kellyis obvious, I just haven’t finished watching it yet).) and you get to see more RANGE in his facial features, something I have been silently BEGGING him for. I really cannot express how much I’m anticipating The Good Doctor because I think that’s the point that he’s going to REALLY become a proper actor. I think playing the villain has done wonders for him as an actor, and I look forward to him achieving a Leonardo DiCaprio-esque transition from cute-hero actor to proper-man actor.

While the characters in the film were great, some of it just escaped me. (Flying ships? Seriously?) And the ending, while I won’t spoil it, literally had me making a “what the fuck just happened?” face. (I have a photo of Dom making said face, but I can’t find it.) If they’re not planning a sequel, that is the stupidest ending I’ve ever seen.

guess it’s worth watching, but be prepared to say WTF??


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