Film Review: Ned Kelly

This film is a long one, and it lost me for a bit in the middle, but it is bone-achingly sad. As I’m sure you’re aware, this is one of the last films Heath Ledger did before he died. Ned Kelly is based on an Irish-Austrailian outlaw and hero of the same name. He’s very much reminiscent of an Australian version of the Old West American outlaws. The end of the film reminded me of Tombstone, to boot.

Orlando was rather amusing in this film, and he was a slut. I think he should play a slut in everyone one of his films. My favourite scene:

[Orlando in the bathtub, and the maid walks in, blushes, and turns to leave]

Orlando: Wait.

[girl stops and turns around]

Orlando: Will you wash my back for me? *squeezes out sponge* I can’t reach.

I don’t have a LOT to say about this one because it was LOOONG and rather tedious at times, though I admit that it was all necessary. It just didn’t get under my skin the way it was meant to. But the score was amazing.


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