Film Review: Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

I’m a big fan of the Saw films. I’m not really a “horror buff,” and I won’t watch Hostel or most slasher-films, but something about Saw just gets me. I saw the first six, so I needed to see the last one.

The film starts out intense enough: the scene is in broad daylight in the city. A curtain falls off of what appears to be a plastic box containing three people in a trap. The drama and anxiety is really ramped up because three people are fighting for their lives while an entire crowd of people watch in horror whilst trying, unsuccessfully, to break the glass. This scene never feeds into the plot, which I find disappointing. (The title screen also came up after this, and my first thought was “Thank GOODNESS I’m not watching this crap in 3D!”)

The film centres around Bobby (Sean Patrick Flanery), who plays the leader of a group of Jigsaw survivors. Unbeknownst to everyone, Bobby is a liar; he concocted the story about his survival, and for that, he faces his own test/trap.

Naturally, the point of this film was to wrap up the whole franchise and thread everything back to where it started. It did that well enough, and arguably Jigsaw’s “work” is done, but I feel like the ending was lame. I think they could have wrapped the whole franchise up in Saw V when they figured out that everyone was supposed to survive the traps.

I think it’s worth watching if you’ve seen Saw I-VI, but otherwise, don’t bother.


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