Film Review: A Dangerous Method

Let me start off by saying that this movie ROCKED MY SOCKS. I don’t say that about many movies. This is one I certainly need to buy when it comes out on DVD. It’s definitely one of those movies that makes you think, but in that grad-school-broke-my-brain kind of way. You can’t help but see the theory behind the story (if you’re so trained that way).

Keira Knightly was by far the breakout star in this film. She had me absolutely captivated. Naturally, I think this is Viggo’s best performance, and although I don’t know much about Michael Fassbender, I completely believed he was Carl Jung. (I admit I kept trying to see Aragorn through Freud, but there was only one sentencein the whole film where I could hear Viggo’s real voice. He’s amazing.)

What I did not realise was that this is a true story–that rather blew my mind because I wasn’t expecting it. However, I love that I went into it with no expectations because I couldn’t be disappointed.

There was also a trailer for a French film that’s playing at the theatre as well, La Rafle. It’s about Nazi Germany, one of my favourite moments in history to study.

(Man, for someone who claims not to be a “movie person,” I sure have high-class tastes in film! Though, I admit I prefer artsy indie films to mainstream ones.)

Get off yer ass and go see A Dangerous Method!!


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