Film Review: Super Size Me

This is actually a documentary, not a movie. Initially, I had rather negative thoughts about it because I thought it was a lot less thought-out than it actually was. The narrator/executor of this film/project is Morgan Spurlock, who, according to IMDB, “was rejected by the film school at USC five times.” I find that bit of information highly amusing.

The important aspect of this documentary project is that Spurlock, before starting anything, visited with 3 doctors: a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, and a general practitioner. He also met with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. They all said he was in optimum health for his age, height, and weight.

The goal of his experiment was to eat only items from the McDonald’s menu for 30 days. He must also “super size” his meal each time a McDonald’s employee asks him if he would like to.

As someone who is interested in health and nutrition, I found his findings fascinating. The bottom line? Fast food is not food and it is never nutritional, except to save you from starving to death.


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