Film Review: Repo! The Genetic Opera

Despite Repo! being produced by Lionsgate Films and Twisted Pictures (the people who made Saw?) and starring Paris Hilton, I have heard nothing but 100% positive reviews on this film. Let me just say that it absolutely lived up to the hype. I wouldn’t compare this film to Saw, so much as Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd. Yes, it’s a rock opera about repossessing organs, but the storyline goes deeper than that.

In a futuristic world, organ transplants have become fashionable. Geneco, (pronounced /jen-ko/) the company who finances these operations, has begun to repossess organs from people who cannot make their payments. The Repo Man works for the owner of Geneco to support his terminally ill daughter, who has no idea what her father actually does. Throw in a heap of plot twists, dramatic irony, and some amazing vocals and you have one of the most twisted, intense, brilliant, horror rock operas ever made.

Please, do not let the “horror” aspect throw you off of Repo!. If you liked Sweeney Todd, I promise you’ll like this.


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