Film Review: Get Him to the Greek

I went to see this film having no prior knowledge of the plot or the actors/characters other than a one-time viewing of the trailer (which I did not remember). Having been told the premise just before it started, I assumed the film would be stupid.

Boy was I wrong.

The premise of the movie is that Pinnacle Records intern, Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) has 72 hours to get washed-up rocker and lead singer of the band “Infant Sorrow,” Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) from London to L.A. for the 10th anniversary show of his performance at the Greek Theatre. Diddy also stars as Aaron’s boss, who presses Aaron to do what ever it takes to get Aldous to the Greek.

The plot is rather cut-and-dry. Aaron lives with his girlfriend, Daphne (Elisabeth Moss) who works as a nurse. At the same time Aaron gets the opportunity with Aldous, Daphne gets a job in Seattle. Aaron leaves for London with his relationship on the rocks. When he finally finds Aldous, he discovers that getting the rocker on a plane to the States is easier said than done. They end up partying until all hours of the morning, leaving the flight until the last possible minute.

One of the best scenes in London is a cameo by Tom Felton (Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy), who Aaron meets at a party with Aldous. Nervous, Aaron makes a joke about playing Quidditch, to which Tom gives him a “what the fuck are you on” look. Then he makes another comment about Middle Earth. Both comments made my little fangirl heart go WEEE!

The chaos continues on to Aldous’s pit stop in Las Vegas to see his father. At this point, Aaron has already assured his boss that they are on their way. However, Diddy shows up at the strip club in Vegas. Instead of firing Aaron on the spot, he tells Aaron that they are going to party Aldous into submission. Through the course of the party, Aldous hands Aaron a joint, which Aaron takes a hit from. When asked what is in it, Aldous says it is a mix of pot, angel dust, crack, heroine, and acid. Needless to say, Aaron begins to tweak hard, but Aldous reassures him by leading him to stroke the furry wall of the strip club. (This is BY FAR the funniest scene in the film. I laughed so hard I cried!)

Once in L.A., Aldous meets up with the mother of his son, Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) who is now dating Lars Ulrich of Metallica. She informs him that their son, Naples, is not actually his son. The touching and endearing moment makes the film more than just a slap-stick comedy.
Best quotes from the film:

Diddy: I will mind fuck you so good you won’t even know I’m mind fucking you.
Aaron: Well, wear a condom, because I have a dirty mind!
Diddy: I’m mind fucking you right now.

And of course:

Aldous: When life hands you a jeffrey, stroke the furry walls!


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